Behind the Book – The Writer

The Writer Unnecessary Preamble May I just say, first of all, that it feels really weird to write about myself. I make stuff up; to me, that’s what writing is. ...

CCYW’s Summer Workshop Series – Day 1

SUMMER WORKSHOP SERIES Young writers in grades 6-12 can join award-winning authors, editors, poets and literary agents for four full mornings of inspiring and educational workshops. The summer workshops are ...

Leviathan Book Review

Review by Alda, New York CCYW Member Leviathan By Scott Westerfeld and illustrated by Kieth Thompson Genre– steampunk, a sub-genre of science fiction frequently set in the Victorian era featuring ...


CCYW’s 2nd Annual Northern California Writers’ Conference

Capitol City Young Writers Second Annual Northern California Writers Conference takes has ...

CCYW’s Day in the Life Internship – New World Library

Many high school students consider and then reconsider what they want to ...

CCYW Summer Workshop Series, Sacramento 2012

We are gearing up for another year of workshops.  Our 2012 Summer ...

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Guidelines for Book Review Posts

Submission Guidelines for Reviewers: If you are a young writer, under 18, and would like to submit a book review to be considered for publication on our blog, please send the review along with links to the Amazon site and the author website to Submission Guidelines for Published Authors: If you are a traditionally […]

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Reading Shakespeare for Writing Tips

Widely considered one of the best writers of all time, Shakespeare, whether you’re reading or analyzing his works, can often be intimidating. But as writers, we can learn a great deal from the Bard. First off, it is perfectly all right to borrow.  Many of the plots from Shakespeare’s greatest plays were ripped right from […]

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Signing On With a Small Publisher

It has often been said that editing is the hardest part of writing. But editing may also be the hardest part of publishing too. All told, it could be argued that I’ve been editing my first novel for three years, trying to make it good enough to attract an agent and then hopefully a publisher. […]

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Review of Self Editing for Fiction Writers

By Renni Browne and Dave King The authors of this informative book are both professional editors with decades of experience in the industry between them. Despite their authority, they use a very conversational voice and show rather than tell. Examples of what to do and what not to do abound and each chapter is finished […]

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Review of the Golem’s Eye

The Golem’s Eye Book Two of The Bartimaeus Trilogy By Jonathan Stroud Genre- Fantasy with elements of steampunk. Set in an alternate version of London in which the governments officials of the world are not just beaucrats but also magicians capable of summoning enslaved demons to do their dirty work, The Golem’s Eye follows the […]

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Gitty Daneshvari

I was lucky enough to be able to meet the awesome and talented writer, Gitty Daneshvari when I hosted a Charity Book Signing for Neurofibromatosis and Diabetes back in 2010 at my high school. I didn’t know much about Daneshvari until I met her and boy, was I lucky that she came and spoke! She […]

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