Entering Contests

When most people submit work to a contest, they have no idea what they are getting into. The long wait, the anticipation, the breakdown if you don’t win, all the eardrums you break if you do… Out of those four options, I admit, I have only experienced three. The wait, the anticipation, and the four eardrums I broke (Haha, just kidding). It’s true, I haven’t entered that many contests, maybe five, but I only won one. Now you are probably wondering, well if she didn’t win all those, then how come she didn’t break down on all the others? The answer? It was because I didn’t put enough weight on the other contests. I did win the most important of all the contests, but the others could have gone on my résumé just as much as The Betty Award. They all had prizes, didn’t they?
But I think the worst part, worse than crying because you didn’t win, is winning, and then thinking about it afterwards. After the exultation of winning, I started sinking down into my head. Why did they choose me? My first and only thought: I was the best of the worst. I was thinking that so few had entered, and they had to choose someone, right? So they chose the best out of the batch. Me. That had me depressed for about a day. Sad, sad me. But then I forgot about it, as most ten year-olds don’t care as much for writing contests than the random butterfly flitting across your window, looking for a way in. So I continued on with my life, and now, two years later, I can look back on that with a little bit more perspective. Now I know that that probably wasn’t the case. Maybe, but probably not. The judges know what they are doing, and so do I.

– Elena


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One Comment on “Entering Contests”

  1. Alexa
    December 31, 2009 at 6:13 pm #

    Your mindset is totally how I would think as well, however we should totally not think that way. Clearly you are a talented writer! You are so right about all of those phases that you do go through, but like you said- mind as well try and see the outcome. Great job with the contests and everyone should know that their work is worth to share with someone else!

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