Our Contributors

Meet our contributors:

Elena ~ California, High School

In 2007, Elena was awarded first place by The Betty Award for her short fiction tale “My Fairy and Me.” In 2008, Elena attended Stanford University’s EPGY two week resident program in creative writing, participating with 20 other students from all over the world. In 2011, Elena earned her Girl Scout Silver Award by starting her own business, Storylines; a writing and tutoring program for youth. Elena has also been reading and evaluating manuscripts for Dreisbach Literary Management since 2008. Elena’s other interests include competitive rowing, singing, and playing the piano and guitar. Elena started writing her own music compositions at age 10 and aspires to become a musician, songwriter and singer – or a neurologist.

Alexa ~ New York, College

Alexa was one of the first CCYW members, back in 2008.  After graduating from high school, she wanted to continue to give back to the organization and became a board member.  Alexa self-published her fourth YA novel, Confessions from the Heart of A Teenage Girl, at fourteen. Her fifth manuscript, A Blessing In Disguise, is complete. Alexa worked with published author and board member Michele Scott on this manuscript as part of the CCYW Master Mentor Program. Alexa also participated in CCYW’s first Day in the Life Internship program at Hachette Book Group in NY in 2009 and earned a CCYW scholarship to attend a New York Writer’s Digest Conference.  Aside from writing, Alexa enjoys playing varsity golf.  Alexa is in college, majoring in journalism.

Laura ~ California, High School

After spending many years as an avid reader, Laura completed her first fiction manuscript at the age of fourteen. She has participated in a National Novel Writing Competition (NaNoWriMo), and is currently writing three fantasy manuscripts. When Laura is not working on her novels, she can be found visiting convalescent homes with her therapy dog, tutoring middle school children, reading the classics, and irritating her older brother with talk of writing. Laura loves teaching others to appreciate the beauty of the written word, and aspires to be an English teacher.

Rebecca ~ California, Middle School

Rebecca joined CCYW in 2010.   Her many interests include writing, directing, dancing, painting, cheerleading and working with children with learning disabilities.  While writing poetry is how she most often expresses her thoughts, she recently started experimenting with visual medias such as videography and acrylics.  She is considering a career as a developmental psychologist as she wishes to work with children with developmental delays and their families. Beckey, as she is known to her friends, is part of the Senior class of 2016.

Alda ~ New York City, College

Alda completed her first fantasy novel at the age of 13 and has been writing ever since. She is currently a college student living in New York City, majoring in Biochemistry and History with Polsci and Chinese minors, which according to some, is a crazy combination. In her spare time, she likes to read, do archery and of course, write. She has a literary agent and is looking forward to having her first book published in the near future. She also has a blog about politics at www.aldayuan.com/realpolitik.


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