April is Script Frenzy Month!!

There’s nothing to get you writing quickly than a good ol’ writing competition.

So, in April, the people who brought you NaNoWriMo in November are bringing you Script Frenzy, where the goal is to write one hundred pages of scripted material in the thirty days of April. This includes screen plays, stage plays, TV shows, short films, comic books, and graphic novels.

The adrenaline rush of kicking out a piece of hard work in such a short time span equals that of National Novel Writing Month; thousands around the world will share your triumphs, writer’s block, stresses, and eventually exhausted smiles as you write frantically and, on April 30th, stare at your final piece.

However, unlike NaNoWriMo, this is geared towards another section of writers, those who aren’t as inclined toward lengthy prose and are more geared to quick, explainable lines that are easy to picture. Whether you want to see your ideas on the stage or through the lens of a camera, Script Frenzy gives you the drive to get it out.

Every writer, regardless of your preference or style, knows how it feels to have ideas running amok in your mind, but how often can we really commit those ideas to paper? Young writers have school and homework, and it seems impossible that we could fit in the time to actually get our ideas written down.

Like NaNoWriMo, Script Frenzy has a section for its younger challengers—those of twelve years of age or younger. For information and a boatload of fun activities, you can go to http://www.scriptfrenzy.org/ywp. The Script Frenzy Young Writers Program is broken into two parts: in March, there are online lessons and exercises to help you learn the basics of screenwriting and playwriting. The second part is the April frenzy! Whether you make the page total or not, Young Writers who sign up will get a certificate simply for participating and making an effort. If you do in fact write 100 pages of scripted material during the month of April, you get a special certificate, a nice web icon, and the powerful feeling of self satisfaction and accomplishment.

If you’re 13 or older, sign up through the Script Frenzy Website at http://www.scriptfrenzy.org. Some basic rules for Script Frenzy include:

1) To be crowned an official Script Frenzy winner, you must write a script (or multiple scripts) of at least 100 total pages and verify this tally on ScriptFrenzy.org.

2) You may write individually or with a partner. Writing teams will have a 100-page total goal for their co-written script or scripts.

3) Script writing may begin no earlier than 12:00:01 AM on April 1 and must cease no later than 11:59:59 PM on April 30, local time.

4) You may write screenplays, stage plays, TV shows, short films, comic book and graphic novel scripts, adaptations of novels, or any other type of script your heart desires.

5) You must, at some point, have ridiculous amounts of fun.

There are marvelous How-To guides on the website, including introductions to screenplays, TV scripts, stage plays, and comic books. These can be found in the Writer’s Resources tab, or simply at http://www.scriptfrenzy.org/eng/overview. You do not have to have any knowledge on screenwriting or be an expert; all the guides are there, such as formatting, writing dialogue and action, writing beginnings, writing endings, and so much more.

I encourage you to give to a try. Even if you haven’t written scripted material before, try kicking out a scene. We were assigned to a screenplay in my Creative Writing class, and I will never see movies the same way again: there’s so much involved, but it is exhilarating to cross over into another media of writing. And if scripts are your style, here’s an excuse to really write it out. Take a look at the website, and give it a try! As Script Frenzy says, “you have nothing to lose—except that nagging feeling that there’s a script inside you that may never get out.”

Breanne Bartok


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One Comment on “April is Script Frenzy Month!!”

  1. September 3, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

    This sounds like fun! I would love to do the next one in April!

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