CCYW Summer Workshop Series, Sacramento 2012

We are gearing up for another year of workshops.  Our 2012 Summer Workshop Series will take place again in Sacramento, CA, at Capital Public Radio during the week of July 9th.  Session dates are July 9th-12th from 8:30am-12:30pm.  Cost for the session is $125 and space is limited.  We have sold out every year – reserve your place early!  We have TWO scholarships each year that are first offered to families at Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services.  If you would like to sponsor a young writer for this program or our annual writers’ conference, please contact Verna Dreisbach at  Speakers are being confirmed at the moment and the website will be updated soon.


Young writers in grades 6-12 can join award-winning authors, editors, poets and literary agents for four full mornings of inspiring and educational workshops.

The summer workshops are offered to young writers who want to improve their writing.  The workshops will take place over the course of a week.  Various classes will be offered for students to choose from including fiction, non-fiction, screenplay, poetry, broadcast radio, journalism, technical writing, etc.  Each year, the classes offered will vary and change according to the needs and desires of the students. The main focus of the workshop will be in developing the art and craft of writing.  Key concepts for success will be stressed such as the necessity for good grammar, editing and revising – skills necessary in any field.  Instructors will be professionals in the industry, educators and published authors.

In addition to having experts and published authors speak and teach at our events, we also believe in the importance of peer mentoring.  Part of the duties of our Youth Advisory Board Members is to mentor other writers and to share their experiences with writing.  Also, there’s no better way to learn, than to teach!

Here’s what Youth Advisory Board Member, Elena, had to say about Day 4 of the Workshop in 2011:

Elena teaches the Storylines Workshop on Day 4/2011- Photographs by Elizabeth Donham

As a Youth Advisory Board Member, and in conjunction with earning my Girl Scout Silver Award, I was fortunate to be able to work with CCYW to offer my Storylines Workshop.

On Day 4 of the Capitol City Young Writer’s workshop, the class went over a simple brainstorming process about how to really create a story; beginning with genre, character, setting, minor characters, protagonists, antagonists, and finally plot.  It was really fun working with all the students! There were so many ideas, we couldn’t choose from them all. The possible plotlines were endless and we eventually resorted to voting because we couldn’t decide on the best option. After about two hours of working on simply the genre, setting, and character, the students did a writing exercise. This exercise involved building their character and the setting, using a lot of description, and possibly adding a bit of plot and maybe even some minor characters. After this exercise, we worked on the minor characters and the plotline for another hour. Then, the students continued to develop their story and add some of the details we had been working on. After some avid writing, we had a few people come up to the front of the class and read their stories. We discussed how different each one was, even though we had all had the same storyline. Each story that was read was absolutely fabulous, and I’m sure that all of the others were also just as amazing.

Last year, I earned my Girl Scout Silver Award by starting my own business, Storylines: A Writing and Tutoring Program for Kids and offering the Storylines Workshop at CCYW’s Summer Workshop Series.  Today, I am still working with young writers as a tutor and mentor.  Additionally, I’m a Marketing & Communications intern with Girl Scouts to create and design the Hear & Now Magazine that is published three times per year.  I serve as assistant editor and feature writer.



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