CCYW’s Summer Workshop Series – Day 3

Wednesday- Poetry and The Relationship of Words and Artwork

The day started off with Rachel Dillon speaking about words and their relationship with artwork. Rachel is the author and the illustrator of her own children’s books, and she was able to give us a unique and knowledgeable view of the effort it takes to create a children’s book. She spoke about different types of art used in these types of books, along with the various kinds of writing. To show us how it’s possible to connect words to an image, Rachel gave us two images to write about. For the first we wrote a poem, and the second a flash fiction story. Each story and poem we wrote demonstrated how writers can use words to give deeper meaning to a simple image.

The second speaker of the day was Indigo Moor. Indigo is a poet who has won several awards, and he came to talk to us about various concepts of poetry and writing. He started off by speaking about the importance of knowing your character. To demonstrate how to “get to know” your character, he had us interview the person sitting beside us with a set of questions. The results of the interview showed a lot about the person. Later in the day, Indigo spoke about the importance of reading poetry correctly. He ended the day be having us practice raising and lowering our voices while reading poetry to show how voice tones affect the sound of poetry.



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