Women’s Choral Studio

It’s always good to explore, to delve into other forms of expressing yourself.

As a writer, I know how easy it is sometimes to want to hole yourself up, to live with your characters and drift away from the outside world. But as a member of Capitol City Young Writers, I’ve learned that sometimes, it’s the connections you make and the people you meet that will pull you even farther.

Recently, I had the opportunity to narrate an event for CCYW.  The Women’s Choral Studio was going to sponsor Capitol City Young Writers, and they needed fresh young people waiting to explore another form of media: music.

Even from merely the perspective of an audience member, the performance was stunning. Nowadays, there are hundreds of types of music, but it can get really easy to fall into a rut and only listen to one type of music, or only get to hear radio songs overplayed.

The Women’s Choral Studio, however, arranged thirteen beautiful songs, some of them classics and others more contemporary. Some of them were poems that were adapted to music, while others where childhood songs I found myself singing along to. I enjoyed their talent and the breath of fresh air.

But what was even nicer was just how much I grew from the experience. There were two choir events, both of which had two narrators. We would alternate narrating the different introductions to songs, while learning a little bit in the process. From Samoan culture to Rudyard Kipling, there was both history and music packed into this exquisite event.

I even learned a few things about myself. Speaking in front of a crowd becomes so much more fun if you can use your talent as a writer to find the story in the words before you and animate that before the audience. Artists know how much emotion and story there is behind their works, whether it’s a poem or a painting or a manuscript. Get used to reading out loud, because that’s how you truly convey the emotion you already know is there.

But back to the point!

I was honored to narrate, and to meet such a charming group of women. It was a wonderful way of getting the word of the amazing power and mission of Capitol City Young Writers that much more into the community. Forming connections with other artists in the area—for yes, singers are artists as much as poets and authors, screenwriters and playwrights—is another way of expanding your knowledge and learning a little more about yourself.

As always, I come out of a CCYW event with a little more knowledge, both about myself and about the world. It seems as though my recommending that you join in with as many Capitol City Young Writers events and emerge into the world a little bit more is getting redundant, but it’s because I know the value of exploring my craft.

I am ever-grateful to the Women’s Choral Studio, not just for sponsoring Capitol City Young Writers, but for reminding me that there are so many different forms of art out there. And the people of the Renaissance had it right—you can never really have too much art, and it’s so enticing to plunge yourself into different types and medias. For all you know, you might just find another passion in it.

Breanne Bartok


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