What goes along with young authorship!?

At my local book signing in March of 2008, I spoke to a wide audience about my publishing experience, my life and the obvious- my book. Little did I know that amongst this audience there were more people than my family, my friends and community members. Question after question from the same man, I was perplexed as to why he was so interested. Later he introduced himself as Fred from a reading council in the county over from me. He had heard about my book signing in my little town through many other people and he thought he had to come and listen.
After leaving my book signing he said he was inspired. Fred worked for two years in order to find another young author who would be interested in speaking at a Young Authors Panel in January of 2010! From there it snowballed into two, and then three. I was one of the teen authors amongst four who had agreed to participate in this event.
Two years of hard work and preparing, the day finally came. We convened at a school’s library to speak about our books. There was a large crowd and many of them were teachers who wanted to be able to know what they could do in their classrooms to make their students creative writers, or find that student who has the special talent. It started off that we were asked a series of questions in front of the room and answered them one at a time- like a panel. After answering the questions we were asked to return to our tables and everyone there would be assigned a number. The number indicated which table the person started at and then from there they rotated.
Around six people were at a table with each author for ten minutes. I spoke a little bit about my book as an introduction and then opened the table up for questions. Everyone had great questions that formulated a larger discussion as the minutes went by.
This Young Author’s Panel was an incredible experience. It was gratifying to be surrounded by adults as well as children who were so intrigued by my writing as well as all of the effort that I have put into it through the years.



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One Comment on “What goes along with young authorship!?”

  1. Alda Yuan
    February 7, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    That’s really great! What an incredible experience. I bet this event inspired others to write as well.

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